Located in the Mountain Ridge of Xiaofeng,Gangou countryside, south of Urumqi, Xingming Observatory's position is at longitude 87o10'39.6" east, 43o28'15.0" north latitude, and it is at an altitude of 2080 meters. International observation sites Numbers: C42(IAU Code).


    The Xingming Observatory was built in 2007, now it has more remote control unattended observation equipment. From its completion, many domestic fans have found new novas,supernovas, comets, asteroids, and so on, cooperating with the Observatory. Know more equipment information, please visit "observation equipment " columns.


    I named the Observatory Xingming, which basically has two meanings. First of all, of course, is to commemorate the amateur astronomy pioneer in Bo Le of Xinjiang----Mr. ZhouXingMing. His deeds and the spirit has inspired me to go until now; moreover , I take its homophonic" star bright "expecting good weather for each observation, and wishing all the expectations can be realized in the gorgeous sky, whether they are real or of the heart or a dream.


    The basic guiding thought of the observatory operation is sharing and cooperation. Share good the sky in Xinjiang, share the observation data of every night, and lovers in cooperation with nova, supernovae, asteroids and comets celestial bodies such as the search, astrometry,special signs for observation.


    Xingming Observatory Sky Survey (XOSS) is the amateur presided over the program, now it has NSP (nova search plan), CSP (the comet search plan) and SASP (supernovae and asteroids search plan) three sub-projects, specialized in various bodies search. Observation is almost carried out every clear night.


    Xingming public remote control observatory(XPRO) is open to the public. Weather and equipment permitting, anyone can use it to observe and film the objects if they get the permission of the person in charge.


    Without the help of my enthusiastic collaborators, the construction of the Observatory and the development of astronomy work couldn¡¯t go so well. I give my appreciation to their trust and support!


  introduce of Xingming Observatory by Quan-Zhi Ye