The plan of the Xingming Obvervatory sky survey (XOSS) uses the group cooperation way to carry out astronomical observation and research, by the remote observation of the arrangement, observation data sharing.

    It's quite simple to take part in XOSS. First ,you need to have a good understand of XOSS, the best way is to browse the web and BBS, then please join XOSS QQ group, group No. : 73444198, please explain to apply for XOSS meaning (that is, Xingming Obvervatory sky survey), and the rest was the practical work . You can get the group of announcement FTP download pictures address, relevant tutorial on this site and BBS can be found in advance, learn a lot from other collaborators ,more communication with then, as early as possible in order to reap your first astronomical discovery.


    Xingming Obvervatory's public remote control observatory (XPRO) is another kind of channels and ways to use the resources of the Xingming Observatory. You need ask the leader for a user accounts and passwords, so you will have the right to personally control the the telescope and CCD and get your own image files.What you need is just a web browser (for example, firefox browser, IE sogou, QQ browser, etc), you don't have to worry about breaking the telescope equipment and not to worry about shooting target still not above the horizon (just a joke, is it), the public has full protection remote observatory facilities in order that every one easily gets close to shooting and astrometry .

    In order to better use public remote control observatory (XPRO), please browse our website public remote control section, there are concise tutorial and related video guidance. You also need to add another QQ group: XPRO Xingming public observatory, group of number: 10410727, in QQ group inside you will get the user accounts and passwords, and with other users consultation arrangements or by the observation time arranged by the principal.